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Mold Remediation In Long Island

Tld services Inc provides the most efficient and reliable service for removing mold, asbestos, and lead-paint removal, and other similar services in long island. We are a fully licensed and insured company in long Island.

We offer a free inspection of the site before conducting any kind of remediation. We do mold inspections, mold test, mold removal, and basement waterproofing. The presence of mold in any property is an alarming issue and it may result in severe health conditions. It is better to remove it as soon as possible. Tld services Inc is reasonable and efficient. We mostly use eco-friendly products while doing mold remediation. We also provide free inspection for our new clients before conducting the mold removal process. It comes with a 5-year warranty. We have unbeatable prices offered in Long Island and our team members are fully trained and updated with the latest techniques. we also provide other services such as asbestos removal service, lead paint removal service, insulation, demolition, painting services, and other residential renovation works in Long Island. We passionately look forward to make Long Island properties a mold-free zone in the coming years.

Mold(fungi) is found both indoors and outdoors, mold spores can enter through any opening in your home. It will grow in any environment where a moisture condition exists. Bathrooms, attic spaces, or basements that have been flooded or if there is water leakage. Mold grows well on paper products, cardboard, ceiling tiles, wood products, and musty locations. Molds can cause nasal congestion, sneezing, cough, wheeze, respiratory infections, and worsen asthma and allergic conditions. with any job we undertake, the safety of our customers, employees and the environment is our number one concern first we do Source Control because mold remediation efforts would be in vain if the source of the water or humidity was not located and corrected. Afterward, we target mold control and removal.



"As a person that knows the difference between any service and the quality service, I must admit these guys are really good. It`s easy to recommend them for their great lead removal."

Antony Marcyl


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"We are committed to provide quality services to our customer and using all safety measures to make a safe our customer and our worker.

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