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Renovation Service

Interior Demolition

In TLD services our expert team is involved in the efficient demolition of industrial buildings of all forms. Also, we help in removing buildings from tight spaces(commercial demolish), residential homes, apartment buildings, large downtown buildings with minimal impact on the neighborhood. The whole process is carried out according to prevailing laws and regulations with proper safety gear. And to note that all our workers are fully insured.

Interior Renovation

Renovation is an improvement with a new look or designs which may be helpful in creating more space and energy saving while enhancing the property value which will be aesthetically appealing. further, we know that change of lifestyle is inevitable and being upgraded to modern
styles. Most households and modern buildings once in a lifetime prefer renovation and it is very important to give this task in the hands of skilled persons, which is why our TLD services are outstanding in carrying out the renovating services so well for many years in Long Island and
West Chester.Customer satisfaction is our top priority and it’s the byproduct of professional efficiency which we deliver in all our services.

Get Safe and Effective Demolition Services

If you need to have a structure or building knocked down to begin your new construction project, reach out to TLD Services today! We’ll safely demolish the structure so that you can begin with your project.

We provide demolition services for residential, commercial, and industrial purposes. You can also count on us to clean up after the demolition. Apart from exterior demolition, we can also handle interior demolition projects.

We use the best and latest equipment and products for our services. Call us today!


"I used TLD services Inc for an insulation install last month and was very pleased with final results. I felt this insulation contractor as a very professional team with great communication. Thank you, guys!"

Patricia D


COVID-19 Update

"We are committed to provide quality services to our customer and using all safety measures to make a safe our customer and our worker.

  • Contactless Payments
  • Staff Wears Gloves
  • Staff Wears Masks
  • Properly Sanitized Equipment
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